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Tip 1: Know yourself!
You need to know yourself. To succeed in finding a suitable mate, you have to know who you are. Learn to knwo you, rely and hear on yourself. The right connection arises almost spontaneously, when the joy and satisfaction is in your life.

There are good chances your best match will be more similar to you than you might think.

Tip 2: Just be yourself!
One of the most important dating resolutions you can make this year is to be yourself when you meet someone new. And a friendly, smiling face also helps that others find you charming. A nice picture is really important! Smile, show them the best smile you have! And add all your pictures you can!

Tip 3: Search specifically!
Once you know what you do want (and don't) when it comes to an ideal partnership, don't sell yourself short. Many people end up getting frustrated with the search and settling for someone who is merely "OK", rather than a person who they really enjoy being with.

Tip 4: Be patient!
It's not likely that the perfect partner will appear in your life instantly. So it's important to be patient with your search.

By making a few key criteria you can improve your dating life, stop wasting your time with the wrong men/woman and make it much easier to find the right match for you.

We would to tell you that here it is just like in real life: it is hard to find the true love.

So, you need to search!

Write a lot of e-mails! Make contacts! Upload photos! Log in to the site more often, as every time you log in your profile is shown in the main page!